Building Financial Models By John S. Tjia

This is the website for my book Building Financial Models (McGraw-Hill, 2009), the most up-to-date guide available for designing, building, and implementing valuation projection models.

Topics Covered In The Book

Globally recognized by accounting and finance professionals for its proven step-by-step approach. It's the hands-on road map to projection model design and implements these features:

Projection Models Overview

Shows what they are and how they are used.

In-Depth Explanations

Look at accounting and finance concepts that underpin working financial models.

Incorporate Spreadsheets

Detailed direction for using Microsoft Excel to create dynamically powerful financial models.

Clear strategies

Learn best practice approaches and Excel techniques to develop a projection model that allows the user to change inputs quickly for sensitivity testing.

Expert Tips

See how to make the final model product robust, flexible, and user-friendly

Best Practices

Lists common sense refinements that make spreadsheets more readable and easy to print.


This is one of the best books ever written on the nuts and bolts of building integrated three statement models in Excel.

Ben Sopranzetti, Ph.D.

Professor of Finance, Rutgers Business School

Rarely does one come across a book that demystifies financial modeling so effectively. "Building Financial Models" is an exceptionally practical book that engages the reader with hands-on examples, modeling best practices, and model templates, and avoids the kinds of arcane approaches that plague most modeling texts.

Matan Feldman

Founder and CEO of Wall Street Prep

His book balances clear step-by-step exposition with state-of-the-art complexity to satisfy the most demanding of professional needs.

Eric D. Cruikshank

author of Adding Value in Private Equity, and former Senior Manager at The World Bank Group

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About Author

John S. Tjia

John S. Tjia (pronounced “Chee-ah”) is a top financial modeler who has worked as a credit analyst and investment banker at J.P. Morgan & Co., where he wrote the firm’s first PC-based projection and valuation models. As head of J.P.Morgan’s Models Group, he developed the models for credit, merger, LBO, bank and project finance analysis, and taught modeling classes to hundreds of analysts.

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